Bournemouth, UK
Friday 12th October 2018

An affordable conference for developers and managers on the south coast.

Write more awesome code and work better together, no matter your product or platform.

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With a focus on key new methodologies and experiences, you’ll take away a ton of inspiration and practical advice to approaching development projects more effectively. One day out of the office is guaranteed to save you time and money for you and your team.

Each speaker will share their own takes on popular dev subjects and new thinking, with every talk giving you insight on how to get to the best out of yourself, your team and the tools you work with.

Matt Northam

Lead Front-End Developer at Redweb, Dad of Two at Home

Dan Harvey

Head of Product Design & Brand at The Dots

Dan Thomas

Founder at Moov2

Dominika Rogala

Embedded Software Engineering Manager at Vector Technologies

Thor Mitchell

Former Chief Product Officer at Crowdcube

John Le Drew

Founder and Principal Consultant at Wise Noodles

Steve Williams

Founder at Expanding Box Consultants

Tom Geraghty

Previous Head of UK Cloud Platform Ops for Experian

Stuart Langridge

Owner at Kryogenix Consulting, host of Bad Voltage podcast